Pink, an American singer and songwriter is best known for her gritty voice and rock attitude. Never one for mincing words she says it like it is and is always honest. As the main songwriter on all her albums, she uses her personal life experiences as themes for her popular songs. Most famously, after her divorce she described Funhouse  as a tribute to the breakdown of her marriage and even had her ex-husband appear in the film clip for the debut single ‘So What’. Having sold an astounding 110 million records worldwide she is thought to be one of the leading female artists in the world.


In 2009, Pink was named the number one pop musician of the decade by Billboard magazine. Currently touring on her new album The Truth about Love, it has become her most successful album so far reaching number one on the Billboard Charts. The three singles from the album ‘Blow me (One Last Kiss), ‘Try’ and ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ have helped to catapult this album to juggernaut like status with all these singles reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Charts. She has had four number one singles with ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ as her most recent.


 Born Alecia Moore on September 8th in 1979, she got her start at 16 when she helped form RnB group ‘Choice’. The band ended in 1998 as she chose to go solo. Her debut album ‘Can’t Take Me Home’ was released in 2000. Whilst it was a semi success in the US it was a massive success in Australia starting their long held love affair with the singer. It was not until Missunderztood was released in 2001, hot off the heels of the hugely successful ‘Lady Marmalade’ collaboration with Mya, Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot, that she became a household name.


 This rocking lady has received many accolades in her career including six MTV VMA’s, one BRIT and three Grammys. She also made it to number 10 on VH1’s list of the 100 Greatest Women in Music. Every album release since her debut has topped the charts in Australia including  Try This, I’m Not Dead, Funhouse  and her greatest hits album. Whilst it has been hit or miss on the US charts she has been continually successful in the States since the release of  Funhouse  in 2008. She has also launched her acting career voicing the penguin Gloria in ‘Happy Feet Two’ and appearing in the Gwyneth Paltrow film ‘Thanks for Sharing’.


 Pink is launching her US leg of her ‘Truth about Love’ Tour.  The North American Tour will start in Toronto, Canada on November 30 and finish in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 20. She will visit eighteen cities including Philadelphia, Boston, Birmingham and Brooklyn. There are a host of support acts on the tour depending on the city. These include The Hives, New Politics and The Kin. She most famously toured Australia several time hitting cities on multiple occasions.

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