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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my tickets be shipped?

Tickets will be shipped as soon as they arrive in our office. Most tickets are shipped within 2 business days of when the order is placed. If you see an in date under the ticket listing, that will tell you when we are expecting them in. Once that date approaches, you tickets will be shipped out. If you chose to pick up in our office, we will call you as soon as your tickets arrive.

What is your service charge?

We do not have a set service charge. Our prices come from the cost of procuring the tickets. All tickets cost us different amounts to buy in. A lot of our tickets are actually under face value because we were able to buy them below face value.

Why do I have to pay shipping?

We do not ship tickets regular mail because we need to be able to track the package. We offer a very competitive rate through Fed Ex. You can also choose to pick your tickets up right here in our office.

Why are you different than all of the other sites out there?

Many reasons! all good! The main reason is because we own our inventory. We are not a middle man. 90% of the sites out there are simply middle men, they put buyers in touch with sellers. They advertise our seats for us. Obviously if you come directly to us, you are going to save the service charge they are charging for putting you in touch with us. BUY FROM THE SOURCE, SAVE MONEY!

Why is the name on the ticket not my name?

The reason why your name is NOT on the ticket is because you are buying tickets from a secondary market.  Only the orginal purchaser of that ticket has their name on it. This will not affect your entry into the show. The venue will scan the barcodes on your ticket and you will gain entry.

Was your company the ticket place in the mall (the ticket place in the Garden State Plaza)?

 Yes, we used to be located in the Garden State Plaza, so we are often referred to as "the ticket place in the mall". We are the same company!

 How are your prices so cheap?

 We have the best prices on everything from Broadway tickets to sports tickets for a number of reasons. In short, we have been serving the public for over the past 25 years so we have built relationships with many theaters, venues, and sports teams so we are often privy to better prices than other brokers so we are able to provide our customers with cheap tickets. Also, our service charges are extremely low in comparison with other brokers, which allows us to always beat our competitors.



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