New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles


The rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles is as much a regional matchup as it is a team rivalry. Both the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles are from two rough cities with something to prove.  Although the Orioles have not been true contenders for the World Series since the 1980s, they recently reignited some interesting games in the 2012 pennant race. Still, the Orioles struggle to come close to matching the Yankees, a League powerhouse.

When it comes to records, the statistics are on the side of the Yankees. Overall, the Yankees have ubiquitously dominated Baltimore over the past 20 years. Adding to the Yankees strength, the team has been known to load up its payroll with top players, keeping them out of the hands of opposing teams. Yet, in 2012 the Orioles mustered a team worthy of contender status, taking things up to a fever pitch for the overworked New York bullpen. 

Given their easy wins against the Orioles, the Yankees traditionally had little reason to respect this emerging powerhouse. Yet, while New York has mostly viewed games against the Orioles as a good time to catch up on some much needed R and R, this was not the case during the 2012 season. Orioles fans were in for a treat when their team swept the Yankees on numerous occasions, a drastic change to the otherwise sad matchup history. 

To get to the heart of the hurt feelings in this grudge match, we need to look to its origins.  Dating all the way back to 1901, where the Yanks stole a key player from the Orioles, thereby going on to steal another World Series in 1903. The Orioles believed they could have won the Series with their star player, and they still hold a grudge over the incident to this day. The beginning of the 21st century hasn’t looked bright for the Orioles either. Overall the Orioles have been plagued by a myriad of problems over the early 2000s, namely bad injuries, coupled with a lack of payroll overall.  However, new management has given rise to this fresh stretch of victories on the part of the Orioles. By cracking down, management has really ushered in a new era. As players and coaches are realizing, it is either wins or pink slips being handed out during the off-season. 

The good news for the Orioles is that everyone likes an underdog, and the Orioles are definitely an underdog. With their new roster and their promising 2012 performance, they just might be able to one day turn around their abysmal record against the Yankees. Hopefully this trend can continue, so we can see a Cinderella win, like what happened in Tampa Bay. The matchup games between the Orioles and the Yankees have been a blast to watch and should make for an interesting reason to tune back in. Fans everywhere have renewed their interest in the Baltimore franchise, which has given the team much deserved recognition for their comeback.

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