New York Yankees vs. Chicago Cubs


How does the New York Yankees compete against the Chicago Cubs? Simple. By purchasing the best talent in the league to boost their own roster and to keep great players off other the other teams. The New York Yankees are the undisputed champions of payroll in Major League Baseball. The franchise is known to sometimes spending double the payroll expenditures of the second highest team in the League. While the Cubs aren’t known for their high payroll expenditures, they are known for one thing – losing. Yet, even though the Cubs are really little match for the Yankees, the two teams have a long and enduring rivalry that keeps baseball fans talking.


Yet, if they can’t match the New York Yankee in payroll expenditures, the Cubs are easily the kings of fan loyalty. Perhaps the Cubs have the most loyal fan base of all time, considering when you are in Chicago, getting off work to go see a Cubs game is just as valid as calling in sick. So the rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs is not merely a rivalry of team performance. It is also a rivalry between the fans. Who has the biggest fan base? How about the best fan base? While the answer might be subjective, when you put these two powerhouses together, you get major baseball fanfare.


For all the back-and-forth banter that goes on between Yankees fans and Cub fans, the teams have surprisingly seen little time facing one another on the field. Yet, even though they have not met in a World Series duel since 1932, they still have no shortage of beef. Surprisingly, baseball fans would note that it is usually the Cubs who are more than happy to initiate confrontation with Yankees fans. Although the Cubbies are the loveable good guys of baseball, they can still talk some smack when need be.


Yet, there is a clear winner when you match the two records of the teams. The Yankees have always viewed playing at Wrigley like a mini vacation. They go in, sweep 2 out of 3 on the road, and have a few great meals to boot. Why is that? Well it is mostly because the Cubs are just so used to losing.  No one likes losing, but if you’re the Cubs you might just get used to it after a while. Over the last four seasons, the Cubs averaged 65 just wins per season and haven’t won a World Series since 1908. Yet, for anyone who has ever visited Wrigley Field you can easily see how this losing dynasty has existed so long.  Simply put Wrigley Field is just one of the most magical places on earth, and especially in baseball history. The magic gives fans the enduring hope that they just might have a chance in a home game matchup against the New York Yankees. That is why the spirit of so many epic battles of will live in the walls of that stadium.


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