New York Jets Tickets

New York Jets Tickets

Jets did not get as far as fans would have hoped they would. Though the team as a whole might have disappointed some people, Darrelle Revis shined again this season. Revis made the Associated Press All-Pro team. This is the third year in a row that Revis has made the AP’s All Pro team. Further, Revis was named to the Pro Bowl. Revis was the Jet’s star player this season and one of the strongest defensive players in the league. There are a lot of changes in store for the Jets in the 2012 season. Brian Schottenheimer will return to the Jets as the offensive coordinator in the case that he isn’t offered a head coaching job somewhere. Running back LaDainian Tomlinson is considering retiring now that his two-year contract is up. Buy your Jets tickets today to watch the New York Jets play in 2012!

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    New York Jets Tickets

    The New York Jets are a football team that is based in the state of New Jersey in a city known as Florham Park. The team symbolizes the metropolis of New York City and is an associate of Eastern Division of AFC within National Football League. The team shares MetLife Stadium with New York Giants in the city of East Rutherford. The particular franchise is connected corporately as well as registered lawfully. The team was firstly created in the year, 1959. Their original name was Titans of New York. They were originally a member of AFL. They would subsequently join up with National Football League in the year, 1970 when the merger happened between the two leagues. The team started playing at Polo Grounds in the year, 1960.

    With new ownership taking place in the year, 1963, a new name was adopted. A relocation of the team to Shea Stadium also took place, in the year, 1964. The team would move again in the year, 1984 to the Meadowlands Sports Complex. The very first time the team went to the playoffs was in the year, 1968. They also competed in Super Bowl III against Baltimore Colts. They would become the very first American Football League team to defeat a National Football league club in the World Championship Game between the two leagues. Since the year, 1968, the team have appeared in a total of 13 playoffs as well as 4 times in American Football Conference Championship games. The training facility for the team is Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. It opened in the year, 2008. It is located in the city of Florham Park. The New York Jets currently have their training camp session at State University of New York at Cortland in the city of Cortland, New York. They also have sessions at Florham Park complex also.

    Throughout their football career, the team has had several different owners. The first was Harry Wismer, who was a businessman. Wismer was extremely interested in the sport of football and the AFL and was provided the franchise to develop in the state of New York. Wismer's philosophy was that it was who you knew that made the difference and this is what he tried to instill to make the team a success. The franchise would be sold to a syndicate in the year, 1963, in the month of February for $1 million. The syndicate, known as Werblin syndicate had many issues during the time they owned it. Following them, Leon Hess, who was well known for his gas stations played a key role in the development of the New York jets while being both the co owner initially and then the sole owner eventually. Hess was a man who fought hard for improvements to where the team trained. Hess passed away in the year, 1999. Woody Johnson is the current owner and has been considered an enabler who wants what is best for his employees. Johnson has been likened to Hess in insight and methodology in team ownership.


    The New York Jets have many rivalries with many different teams. One of the most discussed is the one with New England Patriots that has existed since the inception of the team. The rivalry has been considered the marquee of the team. The rivalry was considered a docile one up until the year, 1966. What happened here was that the team successfully dashed the hopes of New England Patriots in appearing at Super Bowl I. They were able to do this via playoff contention with a 38 to 28 defeat at Shea Stadium. The New England Patriots would do the same in the year, 1985 when the stopped the team from getting into Super Bowl XX. There were escalations of the rivalry as of the year, 1997 due to drama with the head coach, Bill Parcells. There was a critical turning point in the year, 2001 in the month of September when linebacker for the New York Jets Mo Lewis, tackled Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe ended up having internal bleeding. This provided the chance for Tom Brady to take over as the quarterback start. Brady would in effect guide the New England Patriots to three titles in the Super Bowl. In the year, 2006, Eric Mangini, one of the assistants under Bill Belichick, the new coach, left the New England Patriots to join up with New York Jets as the head coach of the team. Within the coaching of Mangini there was an incident that occurred referred to as Spygate which incited the rivalry even further. Another rivalry exists between New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. This has been since the Miami Dolphins were established in the year, 1966. One of the most famous football games that took place, with a multitude of people buying New York Jets tickets happened in the year, 1994. This was when the Miami Dolphins ran what was known as the Fake Spike play. This would allow them to have an impressive victory thereby stopping the New York Jets momentum at the time. This would serve as a precursor for the next two years for the Jets as being unsuccessful. They would rebound in October 2000 by beating the Miami Dolphins with John Hall assisting when the football game went into overtime.

    The New York Jets also have a rivalry with New York Giants. This particular rivalry has somewhat diminished given the amount of inter frequency that each of the teams have during the regular season. The rivalry began in the year, 1969 when both teams would meet for the very first time at a preseason game. This was viewed as a turf war by both teams. The team, the New York Giants was considered a team that was average at best and fans regarded them as the underdogs when they bought New York Jets tickets for the game. The New York Jets did end up besting them 37 to 14 in the game resulting in Allie Sherman, coach of the New York Giants being fired as a result. The Jets battled against New York Giants in the year, 1988 during the very first game of the regular season. The New York Jets at the time had a nominal amount to lose as their goals for playing at the playoffs had been dashed. The New York Giants felt that they had a prime opportunity to try and shoot for a playoff spot. New York Giants, however, were not able to overcome the powerful and potent defense of New York Jets. As a consequence, New York Giants would be eliminated from being considered as playoff contenders. This would increase the rivalry yet again.

    Purchasing New York Jets Tickets

    When considering purchasing tickets to see the New York Jets in action, there are several options. These options include club season tickets, PSL season tickets, 300-Level Season tickets, single game tickets and group tickets. Fans of the New York Jets can also purchase travel packages and suites. The clubs within the New York Jets are the Toyota Coaches Club, the MetLife 50 Club, the Chase and Lexus Club and the Lower Prime Club. Club season tickets allow individuals the benefit of having the best seats in the house, VIP parking access, climate controlled lounges with spacious seating, offerings of upscale cuisine, the right to transfer or sell your tickets, as well as the opportunity to buy tickets to other events that are taking place at the stadium. Each of the clubs mentioned have specific amenities associated with them. Some of the benefits of the Toyota Coaches Club is that there is a private on field deck five yards directly behind the team's bench as well as private access to the training camp. The MetLife 50 Club gives individuals the chance to have their food included in the ticket prices and non alcoholic beverages also. They can also have upscale lounge seating. The Chase and Lexus Clubs provide a fantastic viewpoint and offer spectacular food and beverage options.

    When buying New York Jets tickets, you can also purchase suite access. A suite with the team means more than just a place to watch them play. Their suites combine exquisiteness with panoramic views of any event that may be taking place. The features of the suite include VIP parking, entrance via the stadium as a private suite holder, climate controlled options, televisions that are flat screen, Internet that is wireless, private restrooms on every level, a personal concierge service, and extensive menu selections of both celebrity chef and fan favorites. In addition to the traditional ticket options, fans of the New York Jets can also purchase group tickets. Group tickets that are sold through the team website offer many different benefits including access to a discounted pass for parking, a dedicated account executive who can answer all of the questions pertaining to tickets, exclusive incentives based on the size of the group you are going to be purchasing tickets for as well as discounted off of the upper level single game tickets when the group is comprised of 15 individuals or more.

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