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Cirque du Soleil tickets

Cirque du Soleil known for their dramatic blend of circus acts as well as street entertainment is a company based in Canada in the province of Quebec, in the city of Montreal. The company was founded in the year, 1984 in Baie-Saint Paul when two street performers, Guy Laliberte and Gilles Ste-Croix decided to create a business based on Canadian entertainment. At the start, the company was known as Les Echassiers, when it toured in Quebec in the year, 1980. During this time, it would tour as a troupe and faced much financial hardship. This financial hardship would cease in the year, 1983 when a government grant came from Canada Council for the Arts as a result of the 450th celebrations for Jacques Cartier's Canadian voyage.

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    The entertainment company became successful in the year, 1984 following receiving funding for a second year. Lailberte would hire Guy Caron, who was from National Circus School in order to have an entire recreation of what he felt was the proper circus. The approach would become driven by characters, and theatrical with an absence of animals that many saw as the traditional circus acts. It in turn, became defined as the nouveau cirque, or contemporary circus and that vision still exists today. Fans continually rush to buy Cirque du Soleil tickets whenever they get the opportunity.

    The shows are essentially a myriad of different worldly styles, each having a particular storyline and theme. The shows also have live music that is continuously played and performers rather than the traditional stagehands that change the various props. Following the various financial successes and as well as the failures during the latter part of the 1980's decade, Nouvelle Experience would be created. This particular show would be done under Franco Dragone's direction and Cirque du Soleil tickets would be sold in droves making the circus profitable once again by the year, 1990. It also allowed the company to come up with fresh, new shows as well.

    The entertainment company would expand significantly in both the 1990s and also the 2000s. The company went from 1 show to a total of 19 in more than 271 cities touring every continent with the exception of Antartica. Cirque du Soleil tickets sold like hotcakes. Each show typically employs close to 4,000 people who are from 40 or more countries with estimated revenue that exceeds $810 million. There are at present, many permanent Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows that play to 9,000 or more individuals nightly, with about 5% of those being visitors to the city. This has in turn, added close to 90 million people in their summaries who have both bought Cirque du Soleil tickets and experienced the exceptional dynamism of the worldwide shows. In the year, 2000, Laliberte would buy out Gauthier with an ownership of 95% and he has expanded the brand since. In the year, 2008, he would split a total of 205% with two companies of an investment nature, Nakheel of Dubai as well as Istithmar World. This venture would subsequently allow the company's objectives as a whole to be furthered financially. By joining forces with both groups, the circus has been able to establish a show within the United Arab Emirates, as of the year, 2012 with Guy Caron and Michael Curry as directors. The show was halted, however, following many of the financial issues that have occurred in Dubai as a consequence of the recession in 2008 and overall monetary concerns in the year, 2010.

    There have been more shows planned worldwide, however, with a television deal in addition to that. Fans have continued to swarm and purchase Cirque du Soleil tickets, while the entertainment company prepares to unleash a clothing line for women as well as venture into other areas like restaurants, nightclubs as well as spas. The entertainment company currently produces both corporate and private events on an annual basis, in small numbers.

    The creations of Cirque du Soleil have received both distinctions and prizes that have included a Rose d'or in the year, 1989, Drama Desk Awards in the year, 1991 as well as the year, 1998 and recently in 2013, a total of 4 Primetime Emmy Awards as well as a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Some of the noteworthy shows are Saltimbanco, which was show that occurred between 1992 to the year, 2006, which was known as the longest performance to ever run in the history of the company, with the last performance happening in the city of Montreal in the month of December, 2012 on the 30th day. The set of the show was that of both contradictions and opposites within a city, with a cinematic cityscape atmosphere.

    The show had modern and traditional acts including juggling, an adagio trio, Russian swing, bungee as well as cane balancing. There were a few other acts such as the vertical rope, contortion and an artistic bicycle that would wow the crowds that saw Saltimbanco. Other interesting and exhilarating shows include Mystere, which is currently showing at Treasure Island hotel in Las Vegas, O playing at Bellagio in the city of Las Vegas, Ka, which plays at MGM Grand in the city of Las Vegas, Love, which plays at The Mirage hotel in the city of Las Vegas, Criss Angel's Believe, which plays at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas and many other shows that continually tour such as Totem, that began in April of the year, 2010; Amaluna, which started in April of the year, 2012 and Ovo, that began in the year, 2009 in April also. There are many other shows that have received acclaim by critics over the years such as the suspenseful Alegria; the formidable Zarkana and both Michael Jackson: One and Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.

    The company has had a special events team that performs at both private and public events including a performance at the 74th Academy Awards in March of the year, 2002; a performance known as Soleil de Minuit in July of the year, 2004; the performance, Reflections in Blue in the year, 2005 in Montreal and Les Chemins invisibles in the year, 2010 in Quebec City. There has also been performances in Zaragoza, Spain known as The Awakening of the Serpent in 2008; One Day One Game One Dream in Miami Gardens, Florida in the year, 2007 and at the 2012 FIFA U 17 Women's World Cup in September of the year, 2012.

    Cirque du Soleil typically tours underneath what is known as Grand Chapiteau, commonly referred to as big top. This is done for a certain extent of time prior to being changed for certain arenas and venues. Cirque's Grand Chapiteau is well-known with its blue and yellow colors. The infrastructure that tours alongside the show can be likened to a mobile village in style and type. The tour has impacted many of the cities where it has visited as a result of both buying and selling promotions, contributing to the city's economy in food purchases, hotel stays and local help hiring; and by renting lots for the shows. One show in particular that took place in Santa Monica, California brought in close to $16,700,000. The show's name was Kooza. In the year, 2013, it brought in an estimated $17,870,839 in revenue. The Grand Chapiteau can hold roughly 2,600 individuals or more and is a total of 19 metres high, which translates to 62 feet in total and 167 in diameter, or 51 metres. There are other tents that are a part of the show such as the Entrance Tent, which has both concessions as well as merchandise; the Tapis Range, which is for guests of VIP nature and for private functions, as well as the Artistic Tent, which is where the training area, physiotherapy room and houses for the performers are. The kitchen for Cirque performers can serve anywhere between 200 to 250 meals daily.

    Cirque du Soleil has released many of its productions for DVD, television and video on a worldwide basis. These include 1994' The Truth of Illusion, which was a documentary about Alegria; Quidam in the year, 1999; Journey of Man in the year, 2000; Saltimbanco in the year, 1994 and Alegria in the year 2001. Others have also been distributed to the public such as Varekai in the year, 2002; Solstrom in the year 2004, which was a 13 episode series on the cable television channel, Bravo; and in the year, 2006 - Corteo. The most recently was in the year, 2012, which was Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away, which was a film that told the story of a girl, Mia, who went to a circus that was traveling and ends up falling in love with the Aerialist, who is the main attraction. Following falling in love, she is transported to the various different worlds of Cirque including Love, Mystere, O, Ka, Zumanity, Viva Elvis as well as Criss Angel Believe. There is no other type of circus that has built up such a prominent reputation for exciting theatrics than Cirque du Soleil.

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