Sugar Bowl Tickets

Sugar Bowl Tickets

Sugar Bowl tickets now available! This is a huge part of American culture. The event is the biggest day in college football. Two of the nation’s best college football teams battle it for the title. In 2012 Michigan defeated Virginia Tech 23-20 in a thrilling finish. Make sure to get your 2013 tickets at Prominent Tickets, one of the leader ticket providers in the nation. Not only do we offer a great selection of tickets but also great prices. In 2014 it will be played at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Get your 2014 tickets today at Prominent Tickets before time runs out!

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    The Sugar Bowl

    The Sugar Bowl is considered to be an annual American college football game that is played in New Orleans, Louisiana. The particular game is the second oldest of the bowl games in the United States having been played annually since 1935. The bowl has remained one of the most prominent voluntary non-profit organizations in the country. The overall mission of this particular football game has been to promote the allure of New Orleans and bring in nourishment to the local economy in Louisiana. As a member of the Bowl Championship Series, the bowl has hosted the BCS National Championship Game, two times; once in 2000 and once in 2004.

    The idea of the football game arose in 1927, by Colonel James M. Thomson who noted that a game needed to be arranged around New Year's Day and recommended the name. In 1935, support for what Thomson had proposed was enough for a game to be played in Tulane Stadium, which was built around 1926 on the campus of Tulane University. There would be much controversy throughout the years of the football game in particular in 1956, when the Pitt Panthers faced the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The game would be hosted from 1935 to 1974. Since then, the game has been played in the Louisiana Superdome. From 1987 to 1995, the sponsor of the football game played in the Louisiana Superdome was USF & G Financial Services, and Nokia sponsored from 1995 to 2006. In March of 2006, Allstate Insurance became the new sponsor of the football game. As of 2006, the payout for the bowl was anywhere from $14-17 million per team that contributed.

    The football game has been emitted on a variety of networks including ABC, Fox Sports and most recently ESPN. Recent years have seen the television broadcast of the bowl go to many broadcasters. At the outset from 1969-2006, the football game aired on ABC as a part of a package deal with BCS. From 2006 to 2010, the game was shown on Fox and then moved to ESPN after that network picked up the rest of the BCS beginning the 2009-2010 season. This year, ESPN began introducing a Spanish telecast of the game on their network, ESPN Deportes. ESPN has maintained to televise the game through 2026, paying about $55 million yearly to transmit the football game starting in 2014.

    The only time the Sugar Bowl has not been played in Louisiana was in 2006, when it was hosted in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia due to the damage sustained by Hurricane Katrina. The football game has since returned to the state of Louisiana after refurbishing. The particular football game has upheld an archive of past programs, pictures, and other historic materials as a part of its bequest. This football game has had an exclusive relationship with the Southeastern Conference. The Southeastern Conference is considered to be a notable athletic conference that is comprised of institutions located in the southeastern part of the US. The conference headquarters are located in Birmingham, Alabama. The Southeastern Conference typically partakes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I in most athletic competitions, with football being a part of the Football Bowl Subdivision. The Southeastern Conference, also known as SEC, was the first NCAA Division I conference to hold a championship game for college football and was one of the first founding members of the Bowl Championship Series.

    In 2011, the bowl winner Ohio State evacuated its conquest over Arkansas in reply to accusations from the National Collegiate Athletic Association over a memorabilia for cash scandal. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a nonprofit organization that encompasses 1,281 institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals. The association organizes the programs of many colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada, as is located in Indiana. The organization's structure is separated into cabinets and committees who consist of many diverse delegates of the schools within the association. The NCAA management is further broken down into what are known as subcabinets and subcommittees. Sports that the NCAA sanctions include: basketball, baseball, football, cross country, bowling, fencing, lacrosse, softball, soccer, gymnastic, ice hockey, water polo as well as volleyball and swimming to name a few.

    In 2012, Michigan was put against Virginia Tech, and became the first game since 2000 without an SEC team. Both of the SEC's participants, Alabama and LSU, played in a National Championship game. In May of the same year, the Big 12 and SEC pronounced plans to produce a new bowl game known as the Champions Bowl, which who play host to champions of the two respective conferences. In November of 2012, a decision was made that the Sugar Bowl would host the champions of the Big 12 and SEC starting in 2015.

    46 Hall of Fame coaches have tailed the sidelines of the bowl, while 15 Heisman Trophy victors and limitless All-Americans have shown their talents in the New Orleans event. Throughout history, enthusiasts have had the chance to experience the intensity of 23 national championship groups as well as seven match-ups between the top two teams in the nation, true national competition games. For the Sugar Bowl, Heisman Trophy winners have been routine, as well as outstanding players. There have been a total of 44 Hall of Fame coaches the game has hosted; there have been roughly 82 players who have gone on to the College Football Hall of Fame including Davey O'Brien (TCU), Lee Roy Selmon (Oklahoma), Curt Warner (Penn State) and Deion Sanders (Florida State). The tradition of the classic football game has garnered the state of Louisiana with significant showmanship and money.

    The success of this particular football game wouldn't be without the efforts of those volunteers who show up and give their heart and soul to the cause. Many of the volunteers at the game are direct descendents of the original group, while others are willing and ready to contribute their time and effort to a winning team, and a winning establishment. All of the helpers are bestowed to the mission correlated with the wide-reaching fame of the Sugar Bowl game prominently featured in the city of New Orleans. The football game has become tantamount with the best that college football can provide.

    The following are the teams that played throughout the years in the Sugar Bowl.

    In 1935, Tulane and Temple faced off against each other, with Tulane scoring 20 over Temple's 14. TCU and LSU played in the bowl game of 1936, with TCU winning, 3 to 2. Santa Clara and LSU played in both the 1937 and 1938 bowl games and emerged the winner on both occasions. In 1937, they won 21-14 and in 1938, 6 to 0. In 1939, TCU played against Carnegie Tech and won 15 to 7. Texas A&M faced off against Tulane in 1940, with Texas A&M winning 14-13.

    In 1941, Boston College won over Tennessee, 19 to 13; while Fordham faced Missouri in 1942, winning 2-0. Tennessee won against Tulsa in 1943, 14 to 7. In 1944, Georgia Tech won against Tulsa, 20 to 18. In 1945, Duke faced Alabama and won 29 to 26. In 1946, Oklahoma State faced Saint Mary's and won 33-13. In 1947, Georgia and North Carolina played in the bowl game with Georgia winning 20 to 10. In 1948, Texas and Alabama played with Texas emerging as the champ in a final score of 27 to 7. In 1949, Oklahoma faced North Carolina and won 14-6. In 1950, Oklahoma played in the bowl game again and won against LSU, 35-0. In 1951, Kentucky won against Oklahoma, 13 to 7; while Maryland and Tennessee faced off in 1952, with Maryland being the ultimate winner with a final score of 28 to 13. Georgia Tech would emerge the champion of both the 1953 and 1954 games. In 1953, they played Mississippi and won 24-7 and in 1954, they won against West Virginia, 42-19. In 1955, Navy faced Mississippi and won 21 to 0. Georgia Tech would beat Pittsburgh in the bowl game of 1956, 7-0. Baylor and Tennessee faced each other in the 1957 game, with Baylor winning 13-7. Mississippi and Texas played in the bowl game in 1958 and Mississippi won, 39 to 7.

    In 1959, LSU faced against Clemson and won 7-0. In 1960, Mississippi played LSU and won 21-0, and came back the same year and played against Rice and won 14-6. In 1962, Alabama faced Arkansas and won 10 to 3, while Mississippi and Arkansas faced each other in 1963 with Mississippi winning, 17-13. In 1964, Alabama faced Mississippi and won 12-7. LSU and Syracuse played each other in the bowl game of 1965, with LSU winning 13-10. Missouri and Florida faced off in the bowl game in 1966, with Missouri winning 20-18. Alabama and Nebraska went up against each other in 1967, with Alabama winning, 34-7. LSU and Wyoming played each other in 1968 and LSU emerged the champ, scoring 20 against Wyoming's 13. In 1969, Arkansas played Georgia and beat them, 16 to 2. 1970 began its year with Mississippi and Arkansas playing each other. Mississippi won 27-22. In 1971, Tennessee won over the Air Force, 34-13. Oklahoma won over Auburn in 1972, 40-22, while 1973 saw Notre Dame play Alabama and win 24-23. Nebraska and Florida played each other in 1974 and Nebraska won, 13-10. In 1975, it was Alabama and Penn State, with Alabama winning, 13-6. In 1977, Pittsburgh faced Georgia and won 27-3. In 1978, Alabama faced Ohio State and won 35-6. In 1979, Alabama emerged the victor again, this time against Penn State, winning 14-7.

    In 1980, Alabama and Arkansas played each other and Alabama won, 24-9. Georgia and Notre Dame played in 1981, and Georgia won 17-10. In 1982, Pittsburgh won against Georgia, 24-20; with Penn State trouncing Georgia again the following year, 27-23. In 1984, Auburn played Michigan and won 9-7. Nebraska and LSU played each other in 1985 and Nebraska won, 28 to 10. Tennessee played Miami in 1986 and won 36-7. Nebraska won against LSU in 1987, 30-15. In 1988, Syracuse faced Auburn and won. Florida State played Auburn in 1989 and won, 13 to 7. 1990 saw Miami and Alabama face off, with Miami winning 33-25. Tennessee and Virginia played each other in 1991, and Tennessee emerged victorious with a final score of 23 to 22. Notre Dame played against Florida in 1992 and won, 39 to 28. In 1993, Alabama played Miami and won 34-13. In 1994, Florida played against West Virginia and won 41-17. In 1995, Florida State played against Florida and won 23-17. In 1997, Florida played Florida State and won 52-20. In 1998, Florida State and Ohio State met in the bowl game and Florida State won, 31-14. In 1999, Ohio State played against Texas A&M and won 24-14.

    In 2000, Florida State won over Virginia Tech, 46 to 29. Miami and Florida faced each other in 2001, with Miami winning, 37-20. In 2002, LSU won over Illinois, 47-34. Georgia played Florida State in 2003, with Georgia winning 26-13. LSU faced off with Oklahoma in 2004, emerging victorious with a final score of 21-14. In 2005, Auburn played Virginia Tech and won 16-13. In 2006, West Virginia won against Georgia, 38 to 35; while 2007 saw LSU face Notre Dame and win 41-14. In 2008, Georgia and Hawaii fought it out with Georgia winning, 41-10. In 2009, Utah and Alabama faced each other and Utah won, 31-17. In 2010, Florida and Cincinnati played and Florida won, 51-24. In 2011, Ohio State emerged the victor over Arkansas, 31-26. In 2012, Michigan and Virginia Tech played and Michigan won, 23-20. In 2013, Louisville won over Florida, 33 to 23.

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