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    The Super Bowl is perhaps one of the most fascinating of sports of events in the country. The game tends to attract sellout audiences, who have no trouble paying significant amounts of money for exceptional seating. The Super Bowl garners astounding television audiences and continues to be noted as being the most watched television program each year. Statistical data has proven that the last few Super Bowls that have aired on television were the most watched sporting events of the decade. The allure of the game is unmatched by any other program. It would seem that the greatest interest of the game is the fact that it spurs significant and momentous economic impact to the cities where it is played as well as general media attention.

    The game is unlike other football games in terms of hype and attraction. Certain rationales may liken its notoriety to the Olympics or even the World Cup. It can be reasoned that the Super Bowl drives exceptional profits for the cities that host the event, and because of this uniqueness, it can be said that the game has a pivotal influence on the scope of business and community. Research studies have probed into the mechanics of the yearly games in order to further understand its unconventional appeal. Perhaps, the influence lies in which team will play against each other next, or the commercials that play during the game in addition to the economic impact of a sporting event such as that one.


    The prominence of the game is so noteworthy that many consider it a national holiday, noted as Super Bowl Sunday. Perhaps, the allure of the game is the fact that it has fascinating concert-like halftime shows or that it is the largest food consumption day in the United States. The game was initially created as a part of an agreement between the American Football League and the National Football League. The terms of the agreement stipulated that both would compete in a championship game until 1970. Following that year, both leagues would then be realigned and stated as conferences and the games played would be between the champions of those particular conferences. The current noted wins are 25 for the National Football Conference and 22 for the American Football Conference.


    The game began in 1920 following the fending off of much opposition by the National Football League. The NFL's own serious rival was in fact the American Football League, hence the agreement that was established. The term, Super Bowl, began being used by Lamar Hunt, who was owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. The reasoning for this he said was because he had been playing with a vintage toy as a young child. The name has since stuck as a result. There are other theories about how the name was derived such as that it was a result of the well known Rose Bowl that is performed each year in Pasadena, California and that there are other bowl games such as the Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl, and the Cotton Bowl. It would make sense to most on the exterior that the biggest game in the country would then be called the Super Bowl football game.


    When it is played, the 48th edition of the bowl game will be Super Bowl 2014. Currently, the game is scheduled to be on February 2 of 2014 and to be played at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. This particular game will determine who the champion is for the 2013 football season. It is important to note that this particular game will be the first one that has ever been placed outdoors in a relatively cold environment. It is also the first bowl game in approximately thirty-eight years to be played on artificial turf. Both New York and New Jersey will work in conjunction to host the event, which is also a first. Currently, the rights to broadcast the game in the United States are contained by Fox. The game is also transmitted on CTV in Canada.


    In what could be called a bidding war, there were three possible contenders to hose the game in 2014: the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the Sun Life Stadium in Florida and the Raymond James Stadium in Florida (Tampa). Over the course of the game's history, Tampa has hosted it four times, and South Florida has hosted it a total of 10 times, thus eliminating the city of Miami during the secondary round of voting. New Jersey ended up winning out after getting a simple majority in the voting process. Next years' game is noteworthy because the city of East Rutherford, New Jersey was even considered given its cold weather. The commissioner of the National Football League, Roger Goodell stated that if the bowl was successful next year that other cities would be considered for future bowl games.

    The cold weather does present a problem however. The problem will be with the halftime show. The halftime show is usually a huge spectacle in the climate of football and many planners of next year's game have noted that there may not be a show depending upon the weather. The issue is the assemble and taking down of equipment if there is extreme cold weather. It should be stated here that the halftime show is still being planned; just will more than likely be in doors according to many reports on the matter. Commentator, Mike Florio, stated on that the National Football League is trying to avoid what happened in 1992 when Fox slotted an episode of In Living Color that subsequently garnered huge success and resulted in Michael Jackson performing in the following bowl game. While the NFL appreciated the success, Fox was able to capitalize on what happened with the scheduling debacle. Super Bowl XLVIII as it is noted as for next year, is one of many firsts.

    It will also be the first championship game held in New York since 1962 when the Green Bay Packers faced off against the New York Giants and went on to beat them. That particular game occurred at Yankee Stadium. The final score was 16 to 7. The city of New York had initially been scheduled to host the XLIV game but Sun Life Stadium in Miami was instead selected to host.


    Not one team has ever played the bowl game in its home stadium. The closest team to ever achieve that feat was the 49ers during the XIX bowl game at Stanford Stadium. The Los Angeles Rams also came close as well during the XIV game. Their home was the LOS Angeles Memorial Coliseum and they instead played in the Rose Bowl. Both cases were prime examples of this conundrum, and in both, the bowl was perceived to be held in a larger more fascinating and dynamic arena for a high profile event such as this. As it currently stands, the National Football League does not aware bowl games to stadiums where temperatures fall below 50 degree Fahrenheit on the day of the game unless the field can be covered completely by a roof that is either fixed or retractable. The history of the bowl game denotes that four games have been played in northern cities, which are traditionally considered to be colder climates: Detroit, during bowl game XVI and XL; Minneapolis during game XXVI and one in Indianapolis, Indiana during game XLVI. All of the stadiums where these games were played had a roof thus, they were acceptable venues. The MetLife Stadium has a retractable roof, and in spite of the fact that New Jersey has been known to have temperatures fall below 50 degree Fahrenheit, the city was able to receive a waiver noting its warmer temperatures around the time the bowl game will be played.


    In certain circumstances, the bowl game has been snatched from cities it has been scheduled to be hosted by. This occurred in 1993, during game XXVII when the Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona opted not to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day a national holiday in 1990. The game as a result was moved to Pasadena, California at the site of the Rose Bowl. The state of Arizona reversed their decision and opted to put the holiday on a ballot in 1992, and they were able to host the XXX game in 1996. In 2010, New York City was also going to be the host of the bowl game, however, was withdrawn when its tenants could not agree on the funding associated with the venture. That particular bowl game, XLIV was given to the Sun Life Stadium in Florida.

    The bowl game scheduled in 2015 originally was given to Kansas City, Missouri; however, after sales taxes failed to gain significant votes, the city withdrew its request to host the upcoming game in 2015. That game has since been awarded to the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. The bowl has often been called magical in terms of its appeal. Individuals who are not football fanatics often watch the bowl because of its meaning and magnetism.


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