Our Security Guarantee

When you purchase your tickets from ProminentTicketService.com™, a security standard of the highest level is guaranteed.

Our equipment is from only the largest, most reputable technology vendors. Our hardware, software, website load and infrastructure are constantly being monitored to ensure uninterrupted and quality service to our customers.

Our Secure Order Guarantee:

  • All payment information is collected via our secure server.
  • Credit card details are encrypted to keep them safe from unauthorized parties.
  • Our web servers are protected by state of the art firewall technology to prevent hackers from accessing customer and payment details.
  • Your payment details will be collected on a secure page that uses SSL encryption.
  • You will see that during the checkout process and particularly when prompted for your credit card details, the internet addresses for those pages begin with "https://" instead of "http://". The "s" is short for SECURE and is the standard for secure websites.
  • Your web browser will also display a padlock or golden key along the bottom of your browser window.This means the page is secure. You can also double-click on that padlock or key  to get detailed information about our secure certificate that has been independently verified and issued by.

Please review our Policies Page for detailed information regarding terms and conditions of our services.




We Respect Your Privacy

We invite you to shop with confidence knowing that your personal information is protected at all times You can find out more about how we collect and protect your information on our Privacy Policy page.

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