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MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium lies in the heart of the New York Metropolitan Area, . Home to both the New York Giants and the New York Jets, the stadium sits next to the former area where the Giant Stadium was. This was home to the NY Giants from 1976 to 2009, as well as the Jets from 1984 to 2010. This particular stadium is the lone stadium that is currently shared by two teams. The stadium is currently managed by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. The two teams that share it built it using private funds in a joint operation. The stadium is operated through a company designated as a 50/50 venture.

In June 2009, prior to the opening of the MetLife Stadium, the New Meadowlands Stadium Corporation and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) both signed a memo that outlined preparations to integrate ecologically aware substances and applications into the erection and function of the stadium. The agreement included efforts to decrease air contamination, preserve energy and water, advance waste supervision, and diminish the ecological impact of production.

The aim of the contract was to preserve the emission of carbon dioxide gas during the construction of the stadium. Per the terms of the agreement, the stadium erection used around 40,000 loads of used steel, had to salvage 20,000 stacks of the metal, steel from the Giants Stadium, put in seats created from used plastic and fragmented iron, and diminish greenhouse gasses from assembly automobiles by using diesel fuel that was approved, engine filters, and cutting down on the idle times in engines. Other goals of this accord included providing mass transit choices for devotees and replacing conventional refreshment stand plates, and biodegradable cups and substitutes. The New Meadowlands Stadium Corporation was slated to note the advancement on its objectives to Environmental Protection Agency on a six month basis. As a result of the data, EPA will enumerate the advantages of the venue’s ecological endeavors.

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    MetLife Stadium Construction & Methodology

    The stadium opened as the New Meadowlands Stadium in 2010 for a lacrosse event. In 2011, the insurance company which the stadium is named after acquired the rights to rename the stadium. The price to build the stadium was approximately $1.6 billion, deeming it to be the most posh stadium ever built and the largest stadium in the NFL with permanent seating capacity. The stadium is designated by its aluminum design that has the capability to switch colors depending upon which team is playing at home: blue for the New York Giants and green for the New York Jets. The methodology that allows the stadium to do that was started in Munich, Germany.

    The stadium also has the ability to be converted to handle two games in a matter of hours. The stadium has been deemed by audiophiles and technological individuals alike to be one of the most advanced stadiums in terms of the audio and visual desires of fans. The stadium's in house team of audio/visual aficionados has worked and continues to work industriously to make certain that guest receive the best that the stadium has to offer. Select features of the stadium comprise: more than 2,100 high definition monitors throughout the stadium, which each monitor having the capability to show preferential broadcasting to satisfy the requirements of the area where it is located; a public Wi-Fi network that allows for the development of completely new interactive experiences; a progressive sound system; four 30 inch by 118 inch film panels and 360 degree ribbon panels and as well as twenty video pylons ranging from 40 to 60 inches that welcome sports enthusiasts as they enter the stadium. There are also special event features that include: tours for guests; messages that can be displayed on the video panels and display service as well as flowers, center pieces and votive candles for decoration and static and live broadcasts on all high definition boards and monitors.

    This particular stadium does not have a roof, which is dissimilar to many venues associated with the National Football League. Many indoor events as a consequence, cannot be held at the stadium. For individuals seeking to sit near the sideline, the front row line seats are the shortest of all of the NFL stadiums, being about 46 feet away. The stadium includes four locker rooms, one for the New York Giants, one for the Jets and two designated for teams that are visiting. The home teams' locker rooms are on opposite ends of the stadium, with the visitor rooms adjacent to it. The visitor locker room that is unused often is used as a spillover area by the home team.

    Leasing Terms & Location Access

    The leasing terms for the MetLife Stadium are as follows: the current lease is for approximately twenty five years that includes a variety of options to lengthen it, which in due course reach about 97 years. Following the fifteenth year of the particular lease, one of the teams may be able to get out of the agreement. The team looking to get out of the lease would have to provide the state a year in advance notice. Yet, if one team departs to go to a different stadium, the lingering team would have to stay at the stadium for the remaining time associated with the lease. Per the histories of both teams that play at the stadium, this clause seemingly allows the Jets to sooner or later opt to play in their own stadium and depart if they are able to fund the undertaking.

     The consequence of this however, would be the elevated price of the stadium and moving of team areas to New Jersey. This is what makes it highly unlikely even though the New York Jets have relocated before. Currently, it not known whether the lease began as soon as construction did, or when the stadium actually opened. Both teams also get parking income from the Meadowlands parking lots on an annual basis; even if no scheduled events at the stadium are scheduled.

    MetLife Stadium can be easily reached by means of exit 16 on the western area of the New Jersey Turnpike and is also located near route 3 as well as route 120. Coach USA offers a bus service between the stadium and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The Meadowlands Rail Line works on the days where there are events between the recently created Meadowlands Station and Hoboken Terminal by way of the Secaucus Junction, which has a linking service to Pennsylvania Station in New York City, as well as the Pennsylvania Station in the city of Newark, and other rail services within the state of New Jersey. The Meadowlands Rail Line first opened to the general public in July of 2009.

    Event Notoriety and Concerts

    Many events other than football have been held at the stadium. It prides itself on impressing all that come there. It has been deemed the paramount destination for both entertainment leisure and sports. The stadium, since its inception, has created a new standard of what a venue should host and look like. It has also change the face of what a unique event space should feel like by providing experiences that individuals never forget. The stadium currently specializes in everything from corporate gatherings to holiday parties to picnics, social events, ride and drives, tradeshows and expos as well as product launches, incentive events, commercial shoots and banquet and award ceremonies. As a part of its events, the MetLife Stadium offers catering services from Delaware North's Sport service.

    They are the considered to be one of the most well-known names in hospitality for sports venues. The first music performance concert that was held at the stadium was in May of 2010, with New Jersey native Bon Jovi performing four distinct shows. The band, Train, was also a special guest musical act that opened the show.

    The second concert that the stadium hosted was Hot 97's Summer Jam in the same year. In February of 2012, it was stated that MetLife Stadium would be the hosts of WWE WrestleMania 29 in April. More than 80,000 enthusiasts attended the wrestling event which featured competitions such as The Undertaker who would be wrestling CM Punk. The Undertaker boosted his winning streak to twenty one to zero. The prior match featured WWE Champion, the Rock who was defending his WWE Championship.

    The Rock was pitted against John Cena. John Cena ended up defeating The Rock. He was able to attain what ended up being another WWE Championship in addition to his ten. Advance Auto Parts MONSTER JAM made its first appearance at the stadium with their Destruction tour, which exhibited sixteen of the globe’s supreme monster trucks, as well as also showcasing more than a few exhibit monster trucks, as well as Quad Warz between the actual racing rounds. In September of 2012, the stadium also was the hosts of the initial New York's college classic competition with the USC Trojans pitted against the Syracuse Orange; which would be the first of numerous home Syracuse games in MetLife within the next 10 years. Prospective challengers planned are Penn State in August of 2013 and Notre Dame in both September of 2014 and 2016. It is easy to reserve a private event at the stadium, by filling out their online form specifying what is needed and allowing their trained professionals to handle and take care of the details provided.