Trans-Siberian Orchestra is rock bands that are best known for their Christmas themed anthology albums. With their concerts representing more rock musicals than concerts they have become increasingly popular since their debut in 1993. They combine orchestral, classical, heavy metal and rock to produce massive rock operas and unbelievable entertainment. The main members Jon Oliva, Al Pitrelli (formally of Savatage) ,Robert Kinkel and Paul O’Neill combine and produce these tracks with special guest appearance from other artists. The most well known album Beethoven’s Last Night was produced in 1999. It is their tours of the album that make them the legends they are today.


Trans-Siberian Orchestra is one of the only rock bands to not get their start in clubs but moved directly to major concerts. Kicking off their newest tour in 2014, their first show will debut in Germany to a 1 million strong crowd. The performance is due to be broadcast live on German radio. Having recently just released their greatest hits album Tales of Winter: Selections from the TSO Rock Operas, they moved on to producing a novella for 2013. The book titled ‘Merry Christmas Rabbi’ is believed to be an important part of their famous Christmas Trilogy.


First formed in 1993 by Paul O’Neill who produces all tracks with the keyboardist of the band Robert Kinkel, the band then gathered Jon Oliva and Al Pitrelli as Savatage disbanded. O’Neill who has previously produced for Savatage and Aerosmith was looking to create his own rock opera project. The band’s name comes from O’Neill’s trip to Russia and seeing the railway which is the only stability and safety the country has. It is said that this is how O’Neill feels music is to the world. It was also mentioned in the band’s failed debut album Bolshevik Revolution. Each album tells a single story with the published songs.


Described as an ‘arena rock juggernaut’ by the Washington Post, Trans-Siberian Orchestra has an extensive album collection. The first of the Christmas Trilogy, Christmas Eve, was released in 1996; it is still considered one of their best selling albums. Their 1998 follow-up Christmas Attic was also received well. It was their next studio release Beethoven’s Last Night that catapulted them into popularity when it was released in 2000. It was after this album that they went on their first European Tour.  After the release of the final part of the Christmas Trilogy, The Lost Christmas Eve, the band then released the three Christmas albums as a set.


The band is touring North America later this year and Europe into 2014. The tour will start on November 26 in Atlanta, Georgia and end in Dallas, Texas on December 30th. That will be followed by their European Tour starting in Germany on New Year’s Eve and ending on the 29th of January in Switzerland. The tour will hit a whopping 80 cities in North America. It will hit 15 cities in Europe. It is expected to be a rock-opera spectacular.

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